DMV: Alex Ovechkin Nets Third MVP

Despite playoff loss, Ovechkin takes Hart for 3rd career MVP. [CSNW]

Adam Oates says Ovi’s selfless play lead him to MVP season. [WP]

The Nats don’t have an RBI since last Thursday, only one win. [NI]

Strasburg looked pretty good in DL return (5 IP, 4 K, 1 R) but still lost. [NE]

Nats take on former No. 1 SP John Lannan tonight. [Nats Journal]

O’s take 3 of 4 from Boston, move to 2nd in AL East, and GIFs. [CC]

A look at what a Manny Machado contract extension might look like. [CC]

Terps land another shooter for 2014 class, 6’6″ Jared Nickens. [BS]

Somehow Steve Spurrier makes a bad coaches list over Jim Zorn. [DS]

Miss Utah wants to “create education better.” Yikes. [FTW]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Alex Ovechkin Nets Third MVP”

  1. O’s should have swept Boston this weekend. Douche Pedroia douched the douche, essentially douching to douche, causing the douche to douche which allowed the Sox to douche resulting in a two douche win.Fucking douche.

  2. I’m not saying Zorn was any better than Spurrier on an intrinsic coaching level, but Spurrier was WAY more disappointing and painful a tenure. Zorn was at least a fun ride. I smile and shake my head when I look back on our Zorn years.

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