DMV: Baltimore Stars As Walk-Off City

Who needs a homerun: Crush Davis blooper gives O’s walk-off win. [BS]

Ever since Robert Andino, the Birds have been hurting the Red Sox. [BG]

Ross Detwiler returns from a DL stint, guides the Nats to a win. [WP]

More good news: Stras looked fine in ‘pen, should start Sunday. [CSNW]

Making in-game experience worse, NFL won’t let women bring purses. [SI]

Skins rookie safety Phillip Thomas wants ALL the chicken nuggets. [Bog]

Talking about Skins name drama, Grantland links to Mr. I. [GL]

If the Skins do change the name, here are four awful suggestions. [BBW]

Jan Vesely is not happy with the Wiz, and he wants all Czechs to know. [BF]

Patrick Ewing considered UNC over Gtown, until the KKK showed up. [FTW]

JaVale McGee understands charity about as well as he does basketball. [DS]

Thanks to Baltimore Sports Report for the GIF.

4 thoughts on “DMV: Baltimore Stars As Walk-Off City”

  1. Yeah, I think that getting blindfolded and poking a pin into an old dictionary would produce better names for the football team. “Skins” all by itself makes me think of Buffalo Bill from “Silence of the Lambs.”

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