DMV: Nats Rocked by Rockies

Dan Haren sucks, rocked in Colorado, Nats back below .500. [FBl]

Bryce Harper ends up with cortisone shots, thinks DL sucks. [NE]

So long H-Rod. You kinda sucked, but you made us laugh. [NI]

In quick trip to Bizzara World, O’s win with pitching and defense. [CSNB]

A lot of reasons to not freak out about Kevin Gausman’s early results. [CC]

Manny Machado has a higher WAR than Miguel Cabrera. Take that. [ESPN]

Great move by the Skins for local Make A Wish kid. [Redskins, video here]

USA scores two dope goals to beat Panama in World Cup qualifying. [DS]

Ron Artest Metta World Peace is a Twitter star. [For The Win]

The pride of Towson Gary Neal killing it for the Spurs in Finals. [CSNB]

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