DMV: Bryce Harper Is The New RGIII (Not In A Good Way)

Bryce Harper seeing Dr. Andrews about his still-swollen knee. [Nats Insider]

RGIII says he’ll be ready for training camp. Unbelievably believable. [Keim]

Nats draft a big righthander who throws 100 at No. 68. [Nats Journal]

Advocating to move Ryan Zimmerman over to second. [Sports on Earth]

These are the 12 types of Nats tweeters, apparently. [The Nats Archive]

O’s beat Astros 3-1 to take two of three in Houston. [Camden Chat]

Matt Wieters is struggling but should pick it back up again. [BSR]

O’s draft three high schoolers with first three picks. [Camden Chat]

The O’s and Caps mascots crashed a big fat Greek wedding. [Bog]

Alfred Morris crashed a bachelor party for some paintball. [For The Win]

Mocks have Alex Len going anywhere from four to 10. [Terps Insider]

Everyone at Georgetown should be taking the #RoyHibbertChallenge. [FTW]

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