This Is The Most Puzzling Piece Of Redskins Artwork

ProFootballTalk’s Mt. Rushmore series just got to the Redskins. The results:

According to the fans of ProFootballTalk the four faces on the Redskins Mt. Rushmore would be Joe Gibbs, Darrell Green, John Riggins, and Sammy Baugh. Mike Florio had three of those names on his list, but instead of Riggins he thought The Hogs were an important part of the franchise for many years.

Not bad, though I’d go with Art Monk over DG, but whatever. Who I would not go with, at least not yet, is the young man known as RGIII. This Rehoboth Beach artist appears to disagree:

That’s a lot of batshit craziness for one piece of artwork. A quick rundown:

— RGIII is not only front-and-center but he appears twice.

— Steve Spurrier is there. Makes one question the integrity of the work.

— Ron McDole (No. 79) is there too. Had to Google that one.

— Three active Redskins made the cut, but there’s no Sonny or Sam, Sammy Baugh, the Hogs, Bobby Mitchell or Charley Taylor.

In closing, Consumer Reports should descend upon Rehoboth immediately.

2 thoughts on “This Is The Most Puzzling Piece Of Redskins Artwork”

  1. The thing with these portrait artists… they only paint _existing_ photographs. The painter probably just had access to a quality pic of ol’ Ron McDole and decided to throw him in. That’s about the only reason I would imagine he’s there (and Spurrier too).

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