DMV: Chris Davis Is Going Wild

O’s come back from four down to beat Nats despite three Ryan Zimmerman HR. Chris Davis had two of his own in a bad start from Jordan Zimmermann. [Camden Chat]

Davis now leads MLB in HR (19), SLG (.766) and OPS (1.214). [O’s Insider]

Watch Roger Bernadina hit one way out onto Eutaw St. [Nats Enquirer]

Here are 30 thoughts on last night’s Nats-O’s game. F’real. [SweetSpot]

ZNN is still looking at a big-money extension someday soon. [Nats Journal]

Bryce hopes to return tomorrow, and Detwiler next week. [Nats Journal]

Five things to watch in the second week of Skins practice. [The Insider]

Full letters from Congress to Dan Snyder, the NFL and FedEx. []

Mike Shanahan is the fourth-highest paid NFL coach. [Real Redskins]

Adam Carriker’s in-laws had some weed growing on their farm. [Bog]

Long read on Otto Porter vs. Anthony Bennett for Wiz. [Bullets Forever]

Esquire: six of America’s 28 finest drinking bars are in D.C. [DCist]

(Chris Davis monkey image taken with love from USA TODAY Sports. Bonus “Monkey Man” track taken with love from the Rolling Stones.)

5 thoughts on “DMV: Chris Davis Is Going Wild”

  1. I’ve probably gone to 40 games at Camden Yards in my life including the Mussina-Randy Johnson playoff showdown, and I’ve never seen it like it was in the 7th inning last night. Too bad I was rooting against them this time.

  2. @illformula – No malice intended. He actually bears a resemblance to Chris. Also, I said the player looks like Chris, if I wanted to offend, I would have said he resembled the monkey.

    Chris Davis does seem to be a slightly better baseball player though.

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