DMV: Nats Fire Back In Beltway Battle

Four innings from R Nate Karns, LaRoche blast gives Nats win over O’s. [WP]

Despite the Nats win, JJ Hardy wins fan vote for Player of the Game. [NE]

Appears Ryan Zimmerman has a sick vertical, need  more of this. [Bog]

The Orioles have a Jim Johnson problem, here’s what they can do. [CC]

Comments on this post about obscure Skins jerseys are great. [HH]

Joe Theismann likes talking, thinks RGIII looks more “refined.” [CSNW]

This Pacers fan lost her shit as Indy took another game from Heat. [FTW]

Another reason to avoid Adams Morgan: Snakes falling from trees. [DCist]

One thought on “DMV: Nats Fire Back In Beltway Battle”

  1. That Heath Shuler throwback on the HH thread is magnificent.

    It’s kind of like owning a pristine, undriven 1983 Yugo.

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