DMV: The O’s Travel In Jean Suits

The O’s wore Canadian tuxedos for their road trip to Toronto. [BSR]

Jason Hammel gets the win as O’s beat Yanks to take series. [MASN]

Kevin Gausman debuts for the O’s tonight. There will be donuts. [FTW]

Here’s a report on what to expect from Gausman on the hill. [Fangraphs]

Chris Davis is on fire again and tied for the MLB lead in HR. [O’s Insider]

Nats snap four-game skid in San Fran thanks to Gio and Bryce. [WaPo]

Hey, Bryce Harper made a catch at the wall. Progress! [Nats Journal]

Nats coach Steve McCatty modeled for Playgirl. [Baseball Prospectus]

Here are five things to look for at Redskins OTAs today. [The Insider]

Alex Len is mocked to go anywhere from four to 10. [Terps Insider]

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