DMV: RGIII Gets All The Wedding Presents

RGIII thanks fans for sending him loads of wedding gifts off registry. [Bog]

If RGIII-gift-gate isnt your thing, try Donte Stallworth and the CIA. [FTW]

Nats lose San Diego finale with poor pitching from Haren, bullpen. [NE]

Nats bullpen struggles will continue without moves being made. [NJ]

Awesome find of a very old Walter Johnson award dinner pamphlet. [NI]

Orioles in the middle of tailspin, lose 5th straight, swept by Rays. [CSNB]

Even the O’s GIFs of the Week are a bit sad, but still fun. [Camden Chat]

With O’s fading, might be the right time to bring up Kevin Gausman. [CCT]

Photo gallery of the beautiful mess that is Preakness. [Baltimore Sun]

3 thoughts on “DMV: RGIII Gets All The Wedding Presents”

  1. I see in the comments of Steinberg’s post that the lunatics are in full defense mode of the gift buyers, and are tying in shots at Obama, because of course they are.

    If you’re buying a complete stranger – who also happens to be a multi-millionaire – unsolicited wedding gifts, then you need to take some time for serious self reflection about priorities in your life. The whole “Oh hahahaha, RG3 is using my towels, isn’t that HILARIOUS?” excuse doesn’t hold up. It’s creepy and more than a little sad how people are trying to vicariously insert themselves into RG3’s life.

    Also, if he doesn’t write every single one of them a thank you note, then he’s a dick, no exceptions.

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