Introducing A T-Shirt Celebrating The Washington ‘Football Team’

I’m not going to conduct a poll about it, and I’m not going to target-question American Indians, but I will venture to say some Washington football fans are uncomfortable with the team’s name. I know because I’m one of them.

So we partnered with Sneeki’s Tees, which designs awesome D.C. sports stuff, to make a T-shirt that a progressive Redskins fan can wear without having a racial slur across his/her chest. Consider it an act of silent, wearable protest. Plus, it’s a pretty good-looking shirt.

Get the high-quality, super-comfortable tee now in burgundy, black or white for just $24, and wear it with pride. I prefer burgundy myself.

83 thoughts on “Introducing A T-Shirt Celebrating The Washington ‘Football Team’”

  1. Joseph- If I had kids, they would not work for a racist such as yourself. Thanks for the job opportunity for my future offspring though. I hope you own Chik Fil A’s. cause that would make sense.

  2. The snark is unbelievable. Are you people not capable of disagreeing without acting like middle schoolers? THIS IS A NON-ISSUE. The name is not going to change. Your opinion, at the end of the day, is worthless, as is mine.

  3. @mathewbrown: I would like to argue against the “inarguable fact” that “redskin” is a racial slur.

    I won’t dispute that it WAS at one point a racial slur. And considering that George Marshall was absolutely a racist piece of shit, I don’t doubt that he chose the name in part to deride Native Americans (despite the dubious story of doing it to “honor” Coach Dietz).

    But language is constantly evolving. I have never heard anyone use the word “redskin” to refer to a Native American. And considering that my family reunions are in West Virginia, I’ve heard a LOT of racial slurs in my lifetime. I just don’t believe that whatever negative racial connotation the word used have is really applicable anymore if no one is using it in that manner.

    Now…having said that, I understand why Native Americans would be uncomfortable with the iconography of the Redskins, Chiefs, Braves, Indians, etc. I wouldn’t like having my heritage and history distilled into one-note stereotypes, either.

  4. @WhatsInaName Why do you attack West Virginians? We broke off from the slave state Virginia.And the name Redskins evolved from the Boston Braves.

    Back to point,by the brothers own definition, they have a racial slur featured atop their website, I’m reporting them to the PC police

  5. internet justice will prevail!

    i don’t really see the point in getting all worked up over something so trivial. and before someone says that a racial slur is not trivial, let’s remember that this is professional sports. no one should feel one bit of remorse for any part of a multi BILLION dollar industry; not when disease, hunger, and violence are commonplace across the world.

    you want to take a stand? take one that matters.

  6. This shirt fucking sucks. Go cheer for the cowboys you fake REDSKINS fans. Fuck you and everything you stand for.

  7. Still confused about the “if you don’t like it, GERRT OUT” logic. Only simple people can’t accept change. Change can be good. Like when Joseph has his diapers changed for him.

  8. I wasn’t going to buy one, since I already own the spectacularly awesome “Offseason Champs” t-shirt produced by Mr. I and I didn’t feel like giving them more money, but I think out of “respect” for all the dummies that have commented supporting the obviously racist team name, I shall buy one in each of the three colors available, and then spend more money to silkscreen “Joseph is a racist” on the back, then set it on fire as a tribute to Native Americans (of which I am one-eighth) that have been denigrated the past 70 years.

  9. I have a serious, issue-conflating, question for “progressive” Redskin fans.

    Why do 90% of Americans saying additional background checks for gun purchases mean that it is a travesty when a minority blocks action on this front; yet we must ignore the 80% of Americans saying that “Redskins” football team name isn’t racist because it “inarguably” is factually so? Do we need 90% of Americans to say in a poll that “Redskins” isn’t racist for this to be so? Where’s the dividing line in public opinion on an issue? Somewhere in the 85% range?

    Or is it really just that because it’s your belief that something is so means that you are correct, your opinion is “fact,” and everyone else is wrong? And that people will not rest on this issue until they get their way on it?

  10. @whatsinaname: “Redskin” is a nickname based on skin color of a race of people, as offensive as calling black people “darkies.” You don’t hear it used in that context much because people know not to use racial slurs, and because white people systematically killed and re-located indigenous people around this country for over 300 years so there aren’t that many left to offend.

    @mpc: There are some things that you should not put to a vote, the first of which is anything concerning minority issues. Minorities are, by definition, going to be outvoted.

  11. Everyone exhibits racism to some degree or another so you have to separate people into two categories: the mean racists and the simply ignorant racists. Personally, I don’t dare if the redskins change their name or not. Yeah, some people don’t like the name but the people that use the name don’t mean anything bad by it. They simply grew up with the team being called the redskins and don’t want to see it changed.

    That being said, I get really annoyed when these self-righteous idiots say things like, “I want the redskins to change their name–I’m not racist, other people are!!” No, you’re just as racist as everyone else; all you’re doing is trying to pretend you’re a better person than we are.

  12. Well put, @matthewbrown
    When I was living on Carlisle,
    PA, I was shopping at a CVS, wearing my favorite Redskins shirt, when a little old lady walked up to me and said “Is that the Redskins, like the Washington Redskins?” I responded excitedly, saying “yeah, are you from DC??” To which she said, “No,
    I’m a Native American”. We then had a long awkward discussion that ended in me promising to write a letter to the owner (which I never did). But the point is, if even just that one crazy little old lady who was offended, then that’s enough to feel embarrassed about our team name. I don’t want to feel embarrassed. I want to feel proud. I love the Skins, but I don’t feel 100% proud, and I’d love for that to change.

  13. @matthewbrown OK, so the 13th amendment, the 14th amendment, and the voting rights act shouldn’t have been voted on by anyone? Good to know! I look forward to rule by diktat by the perpetually offended. Should be fun.

  14. For you guys to publish articles about the Redskins and use the name Redskins at the top left of every page on your website and then to make a article like this and be a proud Redskins follower!!! Give me a break you guys are a bunch of two face bitch’s that belong in Dallas!

  15. I am 100% Native American, and I think you are beating the shit out of a dead horse. Also, you’re white.

  16. Chris Mottram Says:
    May 17th, 2013 at 2:12 PM

    “People who don’t see the name as offensive are merely ignorant”

    Dude, 91% of nearly 1000 Native Americans polled in the University of Pennsylvania study “don’t see the name as offensive.” According to the chiefs of 3 local Native American tribes quoted in the Washington Post last week, “98%” of their members don’t see the name as offensive. You’re calling all these Native Americans “ignorant”? Really? Because they don’t take offense to something that is clearly not intended to offend? There is no logic to this argument. The world would be much better off if no offense intended meant none taken. Instead, you are encouraging people to be offended by something that is not meant to offend. It makes fighting REAL racism–racism that is INTENDED to offended, racism that is driven by hate–much harder to fight.

    I understand your intentions are good. But your time and efforts would be much better spent fighting real racism, not invented racism that the overwhelmingly vast majority of Native Americans are not in any way offended by.

    Btw, it was nice meeting Jamie this weekend. Wish I had seen this earlier, would have liked to had this conversation in person.

  17. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barrons (or Dan Snyder!) than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s curelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C.S. Lewis.

  18. As a Cowboys fan who lives in the area, it does my heart good to see the Redskins continue to use such an insulting, racist name.

  19. No matter what you think of the name, the comments here are embarrassing.

    Real Washington sports fans- real sports fans in any city, for that matter- can’t just stop rooting for their local team and pick up another team because they don’t approve of the team’s name. That’s not how it works, especially if you’ve been in the area for a long time. If you think changing teams is an option, you REALLY don’t get what our city’s sports teams mean to many fans. Hint- it has to do with the name that comes before the mascot, not the name of the mascot.

  20. @mpc: You are being intellectually dishonest in your interpretation of my stance regarding votes on minority issues. What I mean, and what you know I mean, is that you don’t let the majority vote to limit the rights of the minority. The reconstruction amendments were decided in a time of post-war armistice-making and were not representative of the true democratic “will of the people” in many states at the time. Get at me on twitter and we can keep talking about it.

  21. FWIW, it was the Richmond Times-Dispatch who did the piece with the three chiefs. The Post merely linked to it.

    The rest of the comments in this discussion are quite interesting. Some good insights in between the slapfighting (true of most comments sections), mostly between Comment 48 and the mid-60s.

  22. This shirt is an absolutely great idea and I congratulate whoever came up with it! I saw someone yesterday wearing one and rushed over to ask where he got it.

  23. Great idea! I’m getting one for me and all my DC-born fans for Xmas. If you don’t agree, don’t buy it. Why do people get so upset by someone putting out a product for loyal fans who DO find the name offensive and want a different option? …Unless, of course, it makes them look at something in themselves they don’t want to see.

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