DMV: Still Handling Caps Sadness

Here are the five stages of Caps fan grief. Good stuff. [Caps Insider]

John Tortorella think Caps’ whining is part of why they lost. [WaPo]

Ted Leonsis’ Wikipedia page got absolutely savaged. [For The Win]

Answers to five questions the Caps are faced with now. [Caps Insider]

Kornheiser sounds so out of touch on the Caps and their fans. [Bog]

Nats lose to Dodgers as Detwiler and Wilson Ramos get hurt. [WaPo]

Bryce Harper feels like hell after running into the wall. [Nats Journal]

Just watch this clip of Gio playing catch with some kid. Awesome. [Bog]

O’s handed two-game sweep by Padres out in San Diego. [Baltimore Sun]

Machado had four hits and his slash line is up to .343/.379/.541. [BSR]

Setting odds on this year’s Redskin fans will love to hate. [Hogs Haven]

Some American Indians in Va. don’t mind the name Redskins. [RTD]

Samuel Dalembert’s little bro to play hoops for the Dukes. [JMUSB]

DC Brau is making a DC United-themed “golden ale.” Cool. [DCist]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Still Handling Caps Sadness”

  1. There should be a DC ordinance that says fans of local teams must carry at least one egg with them at all times in case they come across Tony Korneiser. I would say that goes double for his douchtastic partner Wilbon, but I don’t think he ever comes to DC any more.

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