The Caps’ Short Season in Five Awesome Pictures

Here with a quick season recap is Caps correspondent Brad Parker.

1. Shouldn’t a Man of His Advanced Age Know Better?

Caps fans loved Mike Knuble when he was in town. So when he returned to Verizon this year CSN quickly pointed out why GMGM let him go: He’s old. Also, he picks his nose all the time, even when he’s on TV.

2. Why Would You Date Someone Like Her?

No need to check the score, just look at CSN’s Sport Fan of the Game. I respect you for rocking the red in Pittsburgh, but you sir will suffer. Not because we lost. Not because the fans will taunt you. No, you sir, will suffer because you have chosen to be with someone that has a blatant character flaw. Godspeed melancholy Caps fan.

3. This Is How It Starts

Being a real fan is torture. It’s years and years of suffering through blowing 3-1 series leads, through giving up goals in the fourth overtime, through injuries to key guys like Langway, or Green, or Backstrom. But every once in a while something amazing happens. Joe Juneau, or Joel Ward, or Ovi on his ass, or Mike Ribeiro in OT and those moments make it all worthwhile. Next October I’ll be all in again. And the next time the Caps are in the playoffs a part of me will think “this is the year!” It’s all because of the look on the faces of those two kids and the fact that decades from now a bunch of guys they’ve never met will still have the power to make them feel that way.

4. Way Too Many Men on the Ice

The theme throughout this series for Caps fans was the officiating. It was like seven straight games against Duke at Cameron. This one image captures it perfectly. You clearly see five Caps on the ice. And just as clearly you see EIGHT Rangers on the ice. Each team had one more player out of view so yes, Washington had six skaters and NY had NINE. You could see what happened next coming straight down Broadway. Washington was penalized for too many men on the ice, New York was not. Did that one call change the series? Probably not. Did the calls consistently going that way change the series? Probably.

5. Sad Ovi Is Sad

Say what you want about his production in the series or the lack of success in the postseason over his career, but Ovi worked his ass off in Game 7. And when the clock was winding down he felt like we did, only infinitely worse. You can get pissed off that they’re out early yet again. You can be depressed for a couple of days (I know I am). But you’ll have a very hard time convincing me that you care more than the guys on the ice. I know when Semin was in town we wondered if Sasha cares, but you can’t doubt if Ovi does.

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