7 thoughts on “Dan Snyder’s Great Awful Quote”

  1. I will never support your failed ownership of a beloved franchise. It’s that simple. NEVER-you can use caps AND exclamation points!!!

  2. such a dumb issue. dc is the same city that kept electing marion barry. manufactured outrage is something i find offensive

  3. “Hey, let’s keep talking about it!”

    I would guess that if you were to poll a thousand of your average Americans five to ten years ago on the question, “What does the word ‘Redskins’ mean to you?”, 99.9% of them would have responded with “That’s a football team” and looked at you like you were an idiot for asking that question.

    Now, because (the proverbial) they keep wanting to make it a thing, some of them will respond with “RACISM!” and some of them will respond with “I’m supposed to find that word to be racist, I think, right?”

    But you know what, the majority of them will still think it means “Football.” See, all it is is a word, and yes, I understand it has been hurtful and disrespectful to some people. But words and meanings and interpretations change over time, if we allow them to.

    The next generation may not even have associated the words “Redskin” or “Redskins” with any kind of racist or negative connotation. It would have just been a word that is the name of a professional football team. Kids today, they didn’t know that it is a bad word. They didn’t know that it is hurtful. In the unfortunate situation that a child with Indian descent is getting bullied on the playground, I’d bet you dollars to donuts the bullies aren’t calling him “redskin” in 2013.

    My argument against all of this would be the following:

    Imagine that there were no articles written on the derogatory nature of the word “Redskins” like there has been in the past year or so. Imagine this “controversy” never came up. Colbert didn’t crack a joke, misterirrelevant.com didn’t run any articles on it, and no talking heads gave it air time. How many times, within the next year, would you guess someone of Indian descent would be called “redskin” in a derogatory manner?

    But we keep bringing it up. If we keep talking about how that word used to have some very sharp teeth, they’re going to eventually grow back. Those racists, those bullies: they’re on the internet; they’re watching ESPN; they’re looking for the next piece of ammo.

    If we keep this up, we’ll be hearing the word “redskin” much more in 2014, and they won’t be talking football.

    Now I’m concerned it’s too late to let it go.

  4. I think his words can be parsed in a way that allows for the league to change the name, since as wapo has reported, a name change needs to be approved by the stiffs in 345 Park Ave.

    I find it amazing that Rich Tandler was able to come up with a blog name that is MORE offensive than the team name. I share a cubicle with a Native American guy at work, I have to power scroll past the banner on his blog before it loads. I mean “Real Redskins”??? such a lack of self awareness.

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