4 thoughts on “Stephen Colbert: Redskins Have ‘Most Offensive Name In Sports’”

  1. Get Real Step-Hen… Since 1937 same name and will continue… Take your political correctness and ‘put it were the sun don’t shine’…:<)

  2. Ya! Why would we want to change anything from 1937?! Let’s bring the negro league back too! Change is dumb! Good call guy. We killed off all the natives anyway, why would we worry about offending them?

  3. *We* killed off all the natives? I have never killed a native in my life, am I supposed to feel guilty for other people’s actions? Why is that again? Political correctness is retarded.

  4. You realize its Colbert right? Maybe he believes its offensive. Maybe he doesn’t. We don’t know and its irrelevant because he’s a comedian. If he thinks the Redskins name controversy has punchline potential, he’s going to take shots at it. Its his job.

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