Bryce Harper Video Hirschbeck Doesn’t Want You To See

You’re probably aware that Bryce Harper was ejected in the first inning of Sunday’s game. Nats Journal even had quotes from umpire John Hirschbeck explaining why (emphasis added):

“I didn’t like that he put his hands up with the bat,” Hirschbeck said. “That’s kind of what I yelled at him. He continued and threw his bat. I kind of pointed like, ‘That’s equipment.’ And then, he still continued and slammed his helmet down. That’s when I ejected him.

What you probably haven’t seen, though, is picture-in-picture video of the heinous bat-throwing and helmet-slamming. Here it is (via @rocket1124):

“Hirschbeck was just dying to throw Harper out there.” I have never agreed with Bob Carpenter more, and I hate Hirschbeck all the more for it.

Also, here’s the Pittsburgh broadcast, if you’d like to see that as well:

One thought on “Bryce Harper Video Hirschbeck Doesn’t Want You To See”

  1. D’oh! Seems the video “was deleted at 5:18:22 Tue May 7, 2013. Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by MLB Advanced Media claiming that this material is infringing.”

    I guess he didn’t get the express written consent of Major League Baseball to rebroadcast, reproduce, or otherwise use of pictures and accounts of this game when John Hirschbeck was a total douche.

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