Your May Guide To Nats Tickets

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Following a series split with the Atlanta Braves to stay within two and a half games of Atlanta in the NL East, the Washington Nationals turn their focus to a new month with the first 29 games of their season behind them. With Bryce Harper returning to the lineup just one day after leaving early with an injury to his left side, the Nationals look to be hitting their stride from last year having gone 5-3 against the Reds and Braves in a critical eight game span over the past week.

Unfortunately for the Nationals, they will take to the road a decent amount in the month of May with 16 games on the road compared to only ten games within the friendly confines of National Park. Five of these games will come in the next week in a half as Washington experiences the allure of full-season interleague play when the Detroit Tigers come into town in a quick two-day weekday series on the 7th and 8th. As a typical weekday series, these two games will not cost hometown fans as much as usual:

— 5/7 vs Detroit: $33/$4
— 5/8 vs Detroit $32/$4
— Series Average: $32 (52% below home average)

(Note, the Nationals’ home average for the season sits at $67)

As of May 2nd, the Tigers remained only half a game behind the surprising Royals in the AL Central and features one of the most potent and dangerous offenses in the league.

The Nationals will return home at the end of the week to take on the lovable loser Chicago Cubs who are mired once again in the basement of the NL Central despite a relatively good start of the season for their starting pitchers. The Cubs have had weak run support, which will almost certainly be a continuing problem for the squad throughout the rest of the year. Despite the poor start from the club, Nationals tickets for this series are not cheap as one might expect:

— 5/10 vs Chicago Cubs: $42/$5
— 5/11 vs Chicago Cubs $50/$9
— 5/12 vs Chicago Cubs $38/$5
— Series Average: $42 (37% below home average)

After the Cubs leave, the Nationals take to the road for the next two weeks on a semi-annual West Coast swing and don’t return back to the nation’s capital until the divisional rival Philadelphia Phillies make their first stop in Washington on the season. The Phillies don’t appear to be as menacing as they were two and three years ago, but after a somewhat lucky start they sit in third place in the East. Tickets to games against the Phillies remain one of the hottest tickets for Nationals games all season, but this is probably the best shot for locals to catch the Phils in action all year as the tickets are relatively well-priced:

— 5/24 vs Phillies: $52/$9
— 5/25 vs Phillies: $67/$13
— 5/26 vs Phillies: $53/$11
— Series Average: $58 (13% below home average)

The Nationals will continue their homestand with a quick two-game set against the geographical rival Baltimore Orioles on May 27th and May 28th. These will almost certainly be two of the best-attended home games of the season for the Nats as Orioles fans will make up a decent portion of the crowd. The average cost of these two games far exceed the average for the rest of the month and present a great opportunity for locals to attend one of the Battle of the Beltway games.

— 5/27 vs Orioles: $75/$16
— 5/28 vs Orioles: $62/$10
— Series Average: $69 (3% above home average)

Furthermore this battle between the two teams closest to D.C. presents a solid payday for both clubs, due to the high demand of tickets at both locations. Regardless of the location of the game, these games are almost always well attended and the price reflects that:

— Nats @ Orioles: $72 (8% below O’s home average)
— Orioles @ Nats: $69 (+3% above Nats home average)

Of course the better the Nationals perform as the season continues, the harder it will be to acquire tickets and prices will change accordingly. If there is any interest in attending games at a good rate over the rest of the season, it is best to secure your tickets now at the best possible price.

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