DMV: What’s Up With The Nats?

Nats swept by Cards, fall below .500. [WaPo]

Strasburg loses fourth in a row, is struggling with first-pitch strikes. [Boz]

Noted Cards fan tells Nats fans how to be better fans. [Sports On Earth]

F.P. Santangelo, protector of the Nats, has beef with Doc Walker. [Bog]

O’s lose in 10 to Toronto on a goddamned walkoff walk. [Camden Chat]

It was the O’s first loss in 18 extra-inning games. [BLS]

The O’s have still won 100 straight games when leading late. [SB Nation]

Dylan Bundy seeing Dr. Andrews for second opinion. Uh-oh. [O’s Insider]

How the left-for-dead Caps become division champs. [Japers’, RMNB, SBN]

Caps re-up Eric Fehr for two years at $1.5 million per. [Russian Machine]

New Geico ad feat. Nick Backstrom and the ghost of Lord Stanley. [RMNB]

2 thoughts on “DMV: What’s Up With The Nats?”

  1. Nothing. Its still April. Only, like a 140 some odd games to go. Let’s talk whats wrong with the Nats if they are still playing terrible come early June.

  2. Nats struggle early… Good. Much rather have them test some internal fortitude early rather than coast with big expectations and freak out at the end of the season. Apples to oranges, but we’ve seen how that’s worked with the President’s Trophy Caps. Deflating the egos a bit and dealing with some adversity in April isn’t the end of the world.

    Interesting to see the St. Louis fan’s take on the Nats fans. He’s not totally off target, but he kind of guilds the new fan lily with “7 fans rushed to get Pujols’ autograph while on-deck”. C’mon. I’ve never seen that.

    Speaking of clueless fans, Ram Rules anyone?

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