Redskins Will Reportedly Open Season On MNF Vs. Eagles

The headline pretty well covers it, but according to Adam Carriker’s Twitter, Washington will open its 2013 season on Monday Night Football against the Eagles. Aside from the rivalry component there are all sorts of storylines here, specifically RGIII’s first game back (potentially) and Chip Kelly’s first game as the Eagles coach.

In theory, this is a pretty cool way to open the season, but the idea of facing Chip Kelly’s offense with zero (NFL) film to help the Skins prepare is kind of terrifying. But, hey, FOOTBALL!


8 thoughts on “Redskins Will Reportedly Open Season On MNF Vs. Eagles”

  1. This should be a treat. I think this could be truly great if it’s at Fedex, in which case the biggest storyline would become the field condition. The last nationally televised game showed it at as the nastiest, muddiest swamp in NFL history.

    But in all seriousness, I would love to see RGIII on the field. I’m really not worried about Chip Kelly.

  2. Rather get the Eagles early while they work out the kinks of Kelly’s system instead of late when they know what theyre doing

  3. Chances are the the OL would still be getting its grasp on the system that early and would not have the endurance necessary to run that up tempo flawlessly yet.

    I imagine a ton of false starts and missed assignments from the Eagles OL early in the season.

    Bring it on.

  4. I don’t like it.

    It’s serves as bait to speed up the return of RGIII. Then again, the Browns are probably better than the Week 1 Eagles so Mr. Cousins should be able to lead Skins to victory.

  5. @Illformula – who then, would you have them scheduled to play? or is it the national audience game that bothers you?

    the only real favor the skins could have hoped for, they got – an early bye week.

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