John Wall Redemption Tour Hits Next Stop

Once he returned from injury, John Wall has made many believers this season. His scoring is up, his ridiculous-catch-them-from-behind blocks are up, and he looks like he could really become the star we all hoped for when Wall was drafted No. 1 in 2010.

But there is still one thing Wall hasn’t fixed. Remember that first pitch he threw out at Nats Park a few years ago? It was awful.

Well, tonight, Wall has a chance to fix it. Word is he is taking the task serious, according to a story from CSN’s J. Michael:

“I just want to make sure I get it to the mound. As long as I don’t hit the dirt, I’m cool. I don’t want it to be like I did last time,” Wall said. “Everybody thinks it’s easy.”

Good luck tonight John. We’ll all be watching.

**UPDATE** Wall threw the pitch, and it reached the plate. Video after the jump.

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  1. I have few rules in life. But, one of them is that you can’t give a max contract to someone who wears cargo pants.

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