Alex Ovechkin Is Awesome Again

Here to collect the winnings for nailing his Redskins-Seahawks prediction four months ago is Ben Reed (AKA ThisGuy).

Lots going on in the sports world, so I don’t blame you if you haven’t noticed an exciting recent development: Alex Ovechkin is back, in a big way.

Dude has 10 goals in his last nine games. That’s a 90-plus-goal pace over an 82-game season, and if you’ve been watching him lately that seems totally achievable in this 48-game season. This isn’t some fluke stretch run, either. He’s skating like he’s 20 again, firing 150-MPH shots from all angles, scaring the living shit out of defensemen, and mercilessly destroying those in his way, even his best friend. He’s now third in the NHL with 20 goals, and climbing.

I’m guilty of this too, but the hockey world basically wrote him off as recently as one month ago. That was actually the nadir of Ovi-bashing, when dipshit Mike Milbury got on national TV and said some words.

You may have heard about that. You may have ignored it, though. You may have moved on from the Caps, and shifted your hopes to the Next Big Thing, be it RGIII, the Nats, John Wall, whatever. By contrast, recent Ovi seemed like a real turd. But, in Ovi’s words, “maybe you just forget to flush me.”

Now, I’m not sure about the Caps’ chances this season. Their D and penalty kill look suspect to my lyin’ eyes, and according to statheads the underlying metrics don’t bode well.

Then again, the statheads can eat my ass. I’m taking my cues from my long lost pal, Alexander Ovechkin, who is playing some serious “FUCK YOU” hockey right now. Fuck you, Milbury. Fuck you, haters, doubters, ne’er-believers. Ovechkin is putting the team on his back and marching them right into the playoffs, and who knows wherever the fuck beyond. It’s a sight to behold, and one we had taken for granted for too long. Don’t miss it.

(Image taken with love from @capsmemes.)

25 thoughts on “Alex Ovechkin Is Awesome Again”

  1. It doesn’t take a stathead to see that this team still sucks. Zero top 4 defensemen and relying on Ovi to carry the team offensively. Meanwhile McPhee faces no heat while Ted pockets his money. Screw this team.

  2. 1. the team doesn’t suck. Its a shortened season, with only 5 days to implement a brand new system (which is basically the NJ Devils system and impossible to learn in 5 days) under a new head coach..

    2. the team need Laich back. He’s their “true” leader on the bench and in the locker room. You’ve seen a huge improvement in the team since he’s been back.

    3. Mike Green is on fire right now. His shot looks amazing.

    4. It’l be tough but both Cap and Winnepeg have pretty easy schedule in April..Caps will take the division by 2 pts.

  3. Hell yeah….
    Note to Comcast – Fuck you for whatever reason I was not able to watch the game last night in area code 20003.

  4. There has actually not been a huge improvement with Laich back. Puck possession is actually still terrible, the area that Laich was thought to be most helpful in. Sure he adds some “leadership” which is impossible to quantify or objectively look at.

    The team sucks. There is zero talent on defense at playing defense and the offense is populated with waiver wire talent.

  5. Check yo’self, fool. Carlson and Alzner are kick-ass defensively, according to the underlying stats you’re citing to argue the offense sucks. And those same stats also indicate that we are on defense a lot, so goals against will happen.

    And though they could be better, you are definitely overstating the lack of offensive talent. Top power plays don’t get there with scrubs.

    I think you’re missing the key here, which is that Ovechkin believes, so get on board or out of the goddamned way.

  6. JDP:

    So let me get this straight: I defend Ovechkin as not being washed up and show, with stats that eat ass, the move to RW has brought him back to semi-elite status but am called “full of shit” in the comments of a post that says Ovi is “who is playing some serious “F- YOU” hockey right now.”

    Got it. Good comebacks. You really added to this debate.

  7. I never said anything about your Ovechkin analysis. Glad I can add “reading” to the list of things you do poorly.

  8. Pretty sure this whole post was pretty shallow in its “analysis” so not sure how there really is any debate. The “statheads can eat my ass” opinion of mine, I singled out you and dislike your specific body of work. I like and read plenty of other stats based analysis. You are what I dislike. You, just you.

  9. Anyone with any serious desire to read about the Caps should read On Frozen Blog pretty much exclusively. Already clear Katie Carrera is incompetent at covering the team for the Post and Greenberg’s blog asides add nothing to the bigger picture. Japers Rink appears to have joined the spoon fed media this year. Ian Oland though has done good work for RMNB recently so I shouldn’t indict that whole site. But yeah, Neil Greenberg is basically a pompous ass. Best comparison would be an even less talented Grant Paulsen

  10. Wow the maturity level shown in these comments is truly inspiring. Thank you for further decreasing my faith in the human race. JDP you are an ass. Basically what you are saying is the Caps suck. Why, becasue you say they suck and anyone who doesnt agree with you that they suck and may say something positive about the Caps “have joined the spoon fed media”. It is called being a fan something you would not know anything about. It is not a crime being optomistic about your team. Since the Caps dreadful start they have been one of the better teams in the NHL, that is a fact.

  11. @Neil Greenberg. I appreciate stats for what they are. I think they obviuosley have some use. What I do not like about them is they turn sports into this cold thing. What I mean by that is sports so often defy stats that is what makes them great. That is why we watch, for the unexpected. If stats where always correct there would be no surprises in sports. We could just let the stas play out the seaason like projecting games in a video game using the stats of each team. What were the odds of the Rangers winning game 5 last year? Scoring with 6.6 left? What did the stats say about that?

  12. @Mitch:

    “If stats where always correct there would be no surprises in sports.”

    If stats were always correct I would be sitting on a beach somewhere similar to the end of Trading Places. :-)

    But, yes, I get it: game is played on the ice, blah blah blah, and it is not my intention to diminish that, just add something to the convo.

  13. JDP,

    I really don’t know why you would say that this team still sucks. Mike Green would be a top 4 D-man on every team in the NHL. I would also say that Alzner and Carlson would be on most teams.

    Yes, Ovie is carrying the offense, but that is his job right?

    I also gleen from you musings on this site that you are one of those Caps fans that really don’t like the Caps. You seem to be a fan that consantly focuses on what the team is doing wrong and who is to blame. I have a friend and fellow season ticket holder that LOATHES Mike Green no matter what he does right or wrong. As for me, I fell that some players would be better served slicing meat in a deli than playing hockey, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to do well.

    By the way, the Caps played horrendously in their first 11 games (2-8-1). Since then, they have done slightly better (15-9-1). If you think they still suck, seems to me that your standards are a bit high.

  14. I like Mike Green. He is a great offensive defenseman. I think we also all expected Carlson and Alzner to continue taking strides forward this year which they haven’t really done defensively. I want the team to be good. I do not think their current iteration is good. I do enjoy watching them though because I enjoy all our area teams, even the Wizards.

    Maybe suck was a bit strong language. But I think its clear this team has taken a step back from where it has been the past several years and are headed down the wrong path.

    I think its possible to like and be a fan of the team (which I do), and still be critical about its composition and managerial decision making. Otherwise you just have a Boswell for the Caps. Which after awhile gets tiring to read.

  15. As for the record argument, we still are on the outside looking in, and even if we squeak in we’ll likely be bounced first round. This ain’t the past couple years Caps. Whether its the system or the composition of the team or some mix, it just isn’t clicking yet. And I don’t think that the moves we’ve made (and moves we haven’t made) should give anyone any confidence that we’re headed towards Cup contention.

  16. JDP,

    I didn’t mean to imply that you couldn’t be a fan and be critical at the same time. The point I was trying to make was there are quite a few Caps Supporters that are really negative regardless of how the team is doing. For instance, trading Forsberg (prospect) for Erat(NHL proven top 6 forward) made the Caps nation go up in arms about how awful GMGM is. I prefer the let’s wait and see route. As I was telling my wife today, if the Caps march through the playoffs and win the cup with Erat being a integral part of the equation, will anyone mind if Forsberg becomes the player that he projects to be? I say let it ride and let’s see where the journey takes us. Besides, I remember Petr Sykora and Anton Gustufson being top prospects and just deciding not to play anymore.

    We are still outside of the playoffs. That being said, the Caps have played with a renewed vigor as of late and I believe that we are starting to gel as a team again. Backstrom and Ovie are clicking, Green is scoring again, Holtby is solid with moments of brilliance, and alot of the teams ahead of us are struggling. If the Caps “squeak in” as you say, there is still a potential parade in our future. Or, as they say in poker, “All you need is a chip and a chair”. Maybe that is just me being nieve but that is what a fan is about sometimes.

  17. @Neil: I did not intend to conflate Ovechkin’s metrics with the teams, though that’s how the article comes across. The point is merely that it’s fun to watch Ovechkin be himself again (as verified by the metrics), even while the team’s underlying numbers are poor.

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