DMV: DeAngelo Hall Isn’t Packing Shit, Getting Out After All

Skins sign DeAngelo on the cheap for a year after cutting him. [John Keim]

Here’s the secondary situation now that D. Hall is back. [The Insider]

Yesterday would’ve been Sean Taylor’s 30th birthday. [Redskins Blog]

RGIII is about to start running again, according to RGII. [The Insider]

This RGIII-WNBA player Twitter beef gets intense at the end. [Bog]

Both RGIII and John Wall have met Barack Obama in recent days. [Bog]

Why’d Davey pull Strasburg after 80 pitches? Who knows. [Nats Baseball]

It was good having Wilson Ramos back on Opening Day. [Nats Journal]

Re-signing Ian Desmond is getting really expensive. [Nats Journal]

In a related story, beers at Nats Park will run you like $9 a pop. [Bog]

Super-prospect Dylan Bundy has some elbow tightness. [O’s Insider]

“JMU to the Sun Belt” would sound like settling. [JMU Sports Blog]

Maryland plays Iowa in the NIT Final Four tonight. [Testudo Times]

3 thoughts on “DMV: DeAngelo Hall Isn’t Packing Shit, Getting Out After All”

  1. There is a lot to hate about D Hall but I think this was another smart move by the FO. It’s been pretty interesting to watch what they’ve been able to do even with the cap penalty.

  2. After that photo, DeAngelo got flagged for back-to-back unsportsmanship penalties and then got thrown out for threatening the sea lion.

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