Matt Hendricks Is Getting His Ass Beat For The Caps

Caps fans are well aware that Matt Hendricks will drop the gloves. In his first two years in Washington he averaged 12.5 fighting majors per season, and this year he already has six. will tell you he’s won about as many as he’s lost (11-12-8), but this season has been particularly unkind (2-4). Thanks to a fun new stat, Punch Corsi, we know just how unkind.

The stat basically adds and subtracts punches thrown and punches received, and Hendricks does not fare well. He’s -22 so far this season, good for fourth-worst in the NHL among those with at least six fighting majors. Ouch.

Mr. Irrelevant Caps correspondent Brad Parker has this to say:

That’s interesting. I’ll say this, I think he’s probably not a great fighter but there’s been a void on the Caps and because he does whatever the team needs he’s been filling it. He fights like he plays, he works his ass off and does better than you’d expect, but he’s not a world class fighter at all.

If that’s not the definition of toughness, I don’t know what is.

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