JMU Is In The Final 64!

Not only did JMU get into the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 19 years, but now they have their first NCAA Tournament win in 30 years. This is fun.

Freshman Andre Nation was a beast, putting up 14, seven and five (blocks!), and 25-year-old senior A.J. Davis was A.J. Davis, scoring 20 from inside and out as the Dukes mostly led LIU wire-to-wire. Their reward? No. 1-seeded Indiana in Dayton at 4:10 ET on Friday.

But let’s remember this one. The game was on national TV (well, truTV) and called by Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg, which was odd. The opponent was from the same conference as Robert Morris, which knocked off Kentucky in the NIT. And JMU looked superior, with size, athleticism and poise, despite a lot of “jaw-jackin'” going on. Plus, it was fun hearing Nantz award victory to “the Dukes of the Shenandoah Valley.”

You could say, so what, it’s a “First Four” game, whatever that is. Or you could say, JMU WON AN NCAA TOURNAMENT GAME. I choose the latter, and it makes all the difference.

(GIF taken with love from SB Nation, which should be renamed Andre Nation.)

4 thoughts on “JMU Is In The Final 64!”

  1. Props to JMU. Good to see a local-ish team get a win. Now rooting for Georgetown to lose in the first round. Fuck the Hoyas

  2. Hate the play-in games being played in by conference champions. All first four games should be at-large teams, always, or better yet just stop the first four games and cut 4 at-large teams. Fuck the 5th best team from any conference, no matter how good. Congrats to JMU too. My allegiance switched to A10 this year, but I’ve got a lot of fun memories of CAA tourneys in Richmond to pull for those schools when they get in, except ODU.

  3. I will say, I enjoyed the play-in experience. Allowed me — and a good bit of the rest of the country — to focus on my team without the distraction of three other games going on simultaneously. Of course, if they lost I may feel differently about that.

  4. The first time I left Harrisonburg in 2004, the Dukes won their first football championship. And now that I’ve left again, the basketball team gets their first tourney win (sort of) in 30 years.

    Obviously, I have some influence on JMU athletics. So I’m considering threatening to come back unless somebody pays me big dollars not to.

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