DMV: Remember When Caps-Pens Was A Rivalry?

Caps can’t get it done on in Pittsburgh, squander 4 min power play. [RMNB]

Braden Holtby says the Caps don’t play with enough intensity. [WaPo]

Giants’ Mara says Skins fans should not blame him for cap penalty. [TWT]

Kirk Cousins to get all the reps for the Skins in the offseason. [Bog]

DC/MD/VA very good at producing star hoops talent, bad at keeping it. [DS]

NCAAT started last night, MidTennSt lost, shouldn’t have been in. [GL]

Gary Williams likes the Hoyas’ chances to reach to the Final Four. [CSNW]

Butler, Creighton, Xavier officially join Catholic 7 new Big East. [CH]

Best preview around of tonight’s JMU-LIUB first-round NCAA game. [JMUSB]

Deserving story on Pat Stevens, best college hoops reporter in town. [Bog]

Virginia edges out Norfolk State in NIT first round. [WaPo]

Strong second half propels Terps to win over Niagara in NIT. [TT]

Cap’n Andray Blatche will go to great lengths to prove he’s a d-bag. [BF]

Bryce Harper earns free burritos for life from Chipotle. [Nats Enq.]

Nats games will see much less of Clint. A nation rejoices. [Bog]

MD Senate votes to decriminalize small amounts of pot. [Wash. Ex.]

Thanks to the Bog for the sad Caps fan image.

4 thoughts on “DMV: Remember When Caps-Pens Was A Rivalry?”

  1. Not sure why it would be Mara’s fault. Maybe if you had a front office that actually knew how to run a team you wouldn’t be in this predicament. Mara is one of the most respected owners in the NFL and has one of the best ownershhip teams underneath him. Do the Skins come close to that? Definitely not.

  2. @Bryan – being better than Dan Snyder is not exactly shooting for the highest of levels. Mara is a complete and total asshole, and only respected by other assholes.

  3. Not sure why it’s Maria’s fault? Gee, maybe it’s because he’s the chair of the league committee that issued the cap penalty in retaliation for the skins not colluding with the other owners for the uncapped year? Mara is a prick. His family is full of pricks. The franchise and family gets lauded as “classy” while everyone forgets that the Maras got their money to start up the team from gambling and bootlegging. Then they get applauded for nonsense like “giving” the saints a home game in the meadowlands against the giants after Katrina. Mara is just as much if an asshole as Snyder is, the difference being that Snyder actually worked to buy his team. Mara had the foresight to crawl out of the right vagina.

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