D.C.’s Finest Redskins Reporter Is About To Hit The Open Market

The Washington Examiner is ceasing to exist in its current form, which is a bummer, but the only way it affects me personally is it means John Keim will be out of a job, however temporarily. Keim, you see, is probably the best Redskins reporter going, and someone (the Post? CSN? 980?) should scoop him up immediately.

Don’t just take my word for it, though — read the series of tweets Keim published to share and react to the news. The man speaks for himself.

Well done, John.

5 thoughts on “D.C.’s Finest Redskins Reporter Is About To Hit The Open Market”

  1. I don’t comment often, but when I do? I really mean it. – keim’s work will really be missed – sincerely hope someone in the area picks him up to keep his skills local

  2. Keim’s film breakdown days after the game, gives unmatched analysis in this market. If a player struggles, he will call them out, but in a fair and constructive way. WaPo could seemingly save their Skins coverage and relationship with the team just by adding him.

  3. I really hope Keim will be picked up somewhere locally asap. I hope he would go to WaPo to even further improve their coverage but I fear that all coverage other than sports is going to be the end of WaPo especially with the paywall.

  4. Isn’t Fox starting a television outlet to challenge ESPN? If they want to be everything ESPN isn’t, they should start by hiring Keim.

    I’m sure he would loathe sitting next to Erin Andrews.

  5. He has the best analytics locally, and it isn’t even close. His takeaways are must-read monday morning material.

    Considering some of the deadweight the Post carries on their staff, they would be fools not to bring him into the fold. Unfortunately, management there doesn’t seem to be the most prescient.

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