DMV: March Madness Is Here

NCAA info for all the locals: Hoyas play Friday night, VCU Thursday. [CSNW]

Otto Porter skipped playing AAU as a high schooler. It helped. [B.U.S.]

Lame small-town cops arrest JMU leading scorer Rayshawn Goins. [CBSS]

Louisville playing in a loaded Midwest bracket, includes Duke, Sparty. [DS]

Mike Wise now trolling college hoops, saying “your team will lose.” [WaPo]

JJ Redick on his Duke days and the persona that so many fans hated. [GL]

Terps recruit Melo Trimble drops 34 (six 3-pointers) in tourney. [WaPo]

Here’s the Silver Bullet on Maryland’s move to the Big Ten. [Balt. Sun]

UVa. misses NCAA Tourney, gets No. 1 seed in NIT, Terps No. 2. [WP, WP]

Caps rebound with nice win over Buffalo, move into 12th. [Japers Rink]

Martell Webster and John Wall teach us to “unveil the wizard.” [DCSN]

Weird and kinda funny video of Rob Jackson celebrating St Pattys. [FoD]

Natitude running high in Florida, team not shy of big expectations. [Boz]

Somebody needs to get a hold of Bill Ladson’s Twitter account. [Bog]

2 thoughts on “DMV: March Madness Is Here”

  1. GMU going to CBI. Its a good move to get a fairly young (1 SR) team more tournament experience. It turns out they are playing College of Charleston who will be in the CAA next year.

    Fun Fact: If they win there is a good chance they next play Texas whose coach, Rick Barnes, got his first head coaching gig at…George Mason.

  2. This Goins story reminds me of when Tony Skinn got suspended right before Mason made their run. The only difference is that Goins didn’t punch anyone right in the onions.

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