DMV: Goodbye, Lorenzo Alexander

LorAx leaves D.C. for more money in Arizona. He did good. [The Insider]

The Redskins have zero cap room, if that wasn’t clear. [The Insider]

Chris Cooley would like to continue playing pro football. [John Keim]

Dan Snyder in ’04: “I’ll never change the name of the Redskins.” [Bog]

Glad it wasn’t the Skins giving LaRon $14m guaranteed. [Hogs Haven]

Wiz beat Bucks, improve to 16-14 since John Wall returned. [WaPo]

Larry Sanders got tossed, and it was hilarious. [USA TODAY Sports]

Martell Webster said something about midget massage. [Bullets Forever]

Whoa, John Wall actually made a three-pointer (GIF). [Bullets Forever]

Gio and Detwiler are cruising in the World Baseball Classic. [Boswell]

Bryce Harper is crushing the ball in spring training. [Nats Journal]

Adam Oates may want to pair Ovi and Backstrom again. [Caps Insider]

Your CAA champion JMU Dukes continue to dominate the Bog. [Bog, Bog]

Maryland’s regular season and ACC tourney chances. [Testudo Times]

Georgetown gets Cincinnati in the Big East tourney today. [Casual Hoya]

Is Otto Porter one of the top 10 DMV hoops players of all time? [Bog]

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