Ovechkin Is A Big Stupid Baby

It’s no secret that Alex Ovechkin’s effort and output this season have been hit-or-miss. But to say he’s a “disgusting” “baby” with “no fight” who should be “embarrassed” might be going a bit far. That didn’t stop NBC’s Mike Milbury during intermission in last night’s loss:

7 thoughts on “Ovechkin Is A Big Stupid Baby”

  1. Concerning yourself with what Mike Milbury, admitted OV HATER, says about OV is like caring about the trash that spews Skip Bayless’ mouth. Just ignore it. The dude is garbage and always will be.

  2. milbury is a tool – but he was 100% spot-on correct about ov. he has been nothing short of an albatross for this team for the past three years. clearly – when the choice came down to boudreau or ov, the owner had to choose the guy making 9.5 million, whose name is emblazoned on thousands of jerseys in the verizon center. but if we look at their relative success since that parting of ways, it is boudreau at the helm of one of the best teams in the league, and ov is “captain” of one of the worst. until loafechkin grows up, this team will never achieve anything.

  3. You are correct, Chris. Its more sad/funny then concerning at this point.

    Love the blog, keep up the good work.

  4. Milbury was arguably the worst GM of the last 30 years I’ve followed hockey.

    That said, Ovechkin is paid like a super star and has for for more than 2 seasons played nothing like one. The league figured him out and he hasn’t adapted. And the backcheck comment couldn’t be more accurate.

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