DMV: When RGIII Almost Partied

Seems like RGIII almost partied, clarified that’s not his scene. [CJ]

Oscar winner wears RGIII “No pressure, no diamonds” socks. [Bog]

Skins promote Mike McDaniel from within for wide receiver coach. [HH]

A look at reality of changing Washington football team’s name. [WaPo]

Plenty of good safeties available in draft, could work out for Skins. [CSNW]

Wiz, winners of two straight, see leadership from Bradley Beal. [BF]

Hoyas win huge road game at ‘Cuse on strength of Otto Porter. [CH]

Terps look strong in win over Clemosn, Nick Faust’s best game. [TT]

Better late than never: Maryland honors Lefty Driesell. [Feinstein]

Hoyas, VCU locks for NCAA Tourney; Maryland, UVa need work. [USAT]

ZNN looks sharp in his spring debut, 26 strikes on 43 pitches. [FB]

Jayson Werth hangs out at the Daytona 500. [Nats Enquirer]

50 Cent makes strong play for Erin Andrews during Daytona 500. [USAT]

A look at some of the art on display at Corcoran Pump Me Up exhibit. [Complex]

4 thoughts on “DMV: When RGIII Almost Partied”

  1. Regarding the name change logistics and ignoring the political aspects…

    One of my fears is if the name actually did get changed, it would be a Snyderesque debacle. Let’s face it, the guy’s got horrible nouveau riche taste. We could have a NFL team with some weakass “fearsome” nickname like the “Washington Storm” with a teal, aqua and black color combo.

    I don’t know if DC could handle another Wizards-style name change tragedy.

  2. I’m with you Ketel, but the flip side is that the Wizards debacle might have also sealed the deal on not straying too far from the name/color scheme. BEst sellers on nbashop are all bullets or red/white/blue gear.

  3. I get that the league and sponsors would have to approve a name change, but is that really such a big obstacle? If an owner wanted to change the name of a team on a whim, I could see someone from the outside stepping in to stop it, but if your stated reason for changing names is that the current name is racist, anyone who tried to block the change would look pretty bad.

  4. The Wizards are slowly morphing their logo and colors back to the Bullets-era. Just watch, in a couple years they’ll be known as the Wizlets, then before you know it, back to the Bullets (and relevancy).

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