DMV: Terps Student Section Flash Mob Wins The Weekend

Maryland students unleashed a beast flash mob during Duke game. [CBSS]

Poor RPI means Terps still face an uphill battle for NCAA berth. [CSNW]

Caps fall 2-1 in New York, penalties doom the Caps yet again. [RMNB]

Holtby plays best game of season, but not enough for Caps. [TWT]

Nats have right players, right chemistry for 162-game MLB grind. [Boz]

Strasburg wants to limit the break on his pitches, harder for hitters. [WaPo]

Rafael Soriano had his buddy write his ninth-inning entrance music. [NE]

Randy Wittman defends John Wall, calls David Falk a “knucklehead.” [Bog]

MJ turns 50, and Craig Ehlo talks about guarding Jordan is his prime. [DS]

Cool new mural at DC Brau warehouse features two primal beasts. [WCP]

One thought on “DMV: Terps Student Section Flash Mob Wins The Weekend”

  1. I believe that Scott Van Pelt from ESPN on the aisle seat in front of the dudes in suits. Wikipedia says he enrolled at UMD but does not say that he graduated.

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