Bruce Allen Says London Fletcher Can Play Into His Forties

Bruce Allen met with the media yesterday and some headlines came out of it, namely that the Redskins aren’t changing their name or playing surface. Those are probably the appropriate headlines, but Allen also said this:

London Fletcher has 3 or 4 good years left in him.

I have no idea if Fletcher actually has that much gas left in the tank, but all that matters is that the Redskins do, and that 59 actually wants to play that long. He does turn 38 in May, you know.

If he were to play three or four more years, he’d be retiring at 40 or 41. Forty would tie Clay Matthews as the oldest linebacker in NFL history, 41 would set the record and 42 would tie him with Redskins legend Darrell Green as the oldest defensive player ever.

I think we’d all love to see it happen, so long as he can still play.

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