DMV: Gary Clark To Coach Women Playing Football In Underwear

Redskins (and JMU!) great Gary Clark is head coach of Baltimore’s lingerie team, and Mark Rypien’s daughter is his QB. Heartwarming. [Hogs Haven]

FedEx’s turf will be re-sodded throughout the season. [Redskins Watch]

Bruce Allen on the name: We’re not “trying to upset anybody.” [The Insider]

Caps beat Lightning in Tampa to win third straight game. [RMNB, Japers’ Rink]

Still, the Caps are the NHL’s most disappointing team so far. [Puck Daddy]

Gio Gonzalez was tested two days after his PED report broke. [Nats Journal]

Bryce Harper reported to spring training at 230 pounds. [Nats Journal]

A big bird dropped a big fish right on the Nats’ practice field. [Bog]

David Falk eviscerated John Wall’s game for reasons unknown. [Mike Wise]

The Skins have signed ex-New England NT Ron Brace. [Real Redskins]

Kornheiser was 21 years out in front on the Redskins name change. [Bog]

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