It Appears The Redskins Aren’t Changing Names Anytime Soon …

The Redskins are currently leading their website with two employees at a high school that still uses the name “Redskins” for its sports teams. And guess what? They like it!

A separate but seemingly related Larry Michael propaganda video features another person from another high school that uses the nickname. I’ll warn you, though: It’s enough to turn your stomach.

The nascent PR campaign has been called out as passive-aggressive (and worse) by the likes of Deadspin, USA TODAY Sports, SB Nation and Pro Football Talk in no time flat. And that’s going by Internet time, which is FAST.

Either way, this much is clear: Despite what seems like slow-building momentum for a name change, the Redskins are digging in and won’t be going by anything else anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “It Appears The Redskins Aren’t Changing Names Anytime Soon …”

  1. Can you imagine the meeting of the minds at Redskins park?

    “We are getting killed on the redskin name being horribly racist and inappropriate. Any ideas on how we should proceed with our PR offensive?”

    “We could count the names of high schools named redskins and compare and contrast that with our division rivals.”

    “Brilliant! That should do the trick! Get Michael on the horn!”

    Why is my team run by a bunch of nitwits?

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