DMV: Meet The Caps, Worst Team In The NHL

Caps lose at home to Toronto to drop to the worst record in the NHL. [TWT]

Despite loss, Caps Backstrom gnome giveaway resulted in cool pics. [RMNB]

Relive some of RGIII’s best touchdowns in GIFs. [Hogs Haven]

Terps steal Ohio State recruit on Signing Day to bolster football class. [TT]

Virginia Tech lands Good Counsel star Kendall Fuller; kid’s a beast. [WaPo]

A look at the slumping Sultan of Steez Jordan Crawford. [Bullets Forever]

Kevin Durant is from DC, and this article is good. [Grantland]

Martell Webster imports Moroccan oil for his beard. Seriously. [Bog]

Expect longer outings for Nats starting pitchers in 2013. [Nats Insider]

I understand the hate for Lance, but why does everyone hate Te’o? [Forbes]

2 thoughts on “DMV: Meet The Caps, Worst Team In The NHL”

  1. I definetily remember being at that game, I was only 10 but hard to forget the cold and how awesome/terrible that play was. Always stuck with me for some reason

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