DMV: Wiz Beat Hurt, Disinterested Clippers Squad

Wiz break 4-game losing streak, beat Clips (w/o CP3 or Blake Griffin). [BF]

Wittman: “Don’t give me that about who was here and who wasn’t.” [CSNW]

RGIII sends fans a message after surgery, rehab is well under way. [HH]

Don’t worry folks: RGIII will do his part to stay healthy. [Bog]

Dan Snyder says good things happened to the Skins thru patience. [Bog]

Good recap of John Harbaugh’s Super Bowl rant during the blackout. [DS]

Ravens SB win, and Giants before that, puts heat on Redskins. [CSNW]

Breakdown of Natitude across country. Montana is best. [WFYTumblr]

Mason smokes ODU. Remember when ODU was good? [WaPo]

Pat Stevens has Terps in the Last Four Out category for the Dance. [D1S]

Good read on former playground legend who died in late December. [WaPo]

Caps need MoJo to get right, also need to get some wins. [RMNB]

Highlights from a wild soccer weekend in England. Random, but dope. [GL]

4 thoughts on “DMV: Wiz Beat Hurt, Disinterested Clippers Squad”

  1. Yeah EPL roundup is great, especially with all the Gerrard goals.

    And the pic perfectly sums up the “Hurt, Disinterested Clippers Squad”

  2. My only gripe with the Tandler article is saying that we in DC don’t have patience. I don’t speak for anyone else, but being that I’ve stayed a fan my whole life and all I’ve seen are some cocktease playoff appearances…..I consider myself to be a patient fan..

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