DMV: Ovi, Caps Unsuccessful In Ottawa

Bad penalty call late in 3rd period costs Caps road points in Ottawa. [Japers]

Neuvy, not Holtby, looks like the right guy in goal for the Caps. [WaPo]

Looks like Bradley Beal could miss some time with the hurt wrist. [BF]

Previous Skins players in the Super Bowl, starring Carlos Rogers. [HH]

Super Bowl stacked with former DC-area high school talent. [WaPo]

Want a REDSKIN license plate in DC? No luck. No REXTACY either. [Bog]

So we’re clear: Dan Snyder blames Vinny Cerrato for hiring Jim Zorn. [Bog]

Cutter Dykstra — Lenny’s boy, Nats prospect — rings Meadow Soprano. [NE]

Map of NFL fans. Proof the U.S. has way too many Steelers fans. [Deadspin]

Many thanks for the Ovi GIF to Welshhockeyfan.

4 thoughts on “DMV: Ovi, Caps Unsuccessful In Ottawa”

  1. Whats up with the entire southern half of Virginia rooting for the Cowboys? Also, I know we have a pretty strong fan base in the Carolinas but according to that map there are zero counties that have a majority of Skins fans.

    That map is pretty distressing, actually…really confused about Virginia. I went to college in SW Virginia and while there was definitely a blend between DC, Pitt, and Dallas fans it appeared to me that DC was by far the team of choice.

  2. The outer banks looks to be a Redskin County. Also, the eastern shore of VA is a big time Redskins area. But I don’t think this is very accurate. I do have a feeling that 2 more years with griffin and you will see more Redskin counties, especially in Texas.

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