DMV: Ovi’s “Bullseye” Gets Caps First Win

Caps get first win of the year; Ovi’s first goal proves difference. [WaPo]

John Erskine gets his first goal in 634 days in the win over Buffalo. [RMNB]

John Wall playing next-level hoop, league is taking notice. [Bullets Forever]

Bradley Beal “fighting through” wrist injury. [WaPo]

Skins players perform well in Hawaii exhibition game. [CSNW]

Maybe D-Hall can play safety on a cheaper contract. [Hogs Haven]

Ty Clippard and Drew Storen accept new order in the bullpen. [TWT]

Nice moment at NatsFest when fans gave Storen a standing O. [NEnq.]

Hoyas with another huge win over Louisville, back on track. [CH]

Despite the 20-pt. loss, some things to learn from Maryland-Duke. [TT]

In-depth look at Maryland’s legal battle with the ACC. [WaPo]

Northeastern smokes George Mason, sends Patriots to 12-8. [Boston Globe]

Win and get covered: GW on 3-game win streak, 2nd place in A-10. [GWH]

JJ Redick went to a Justin Beiber concert because of course he did. [SLAM]

Super Bowl is coming, get your mind right for prop bets. [Grantland]

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