DMV: Caps Lose Home Opener

Caps lose to drop to 0-2, Brouwer “grace period is over.” [CSNW]

Not only did Caps suck, but Verizon switched Coke to Pepsi. [RMNB]

MC Hammer at the Caps game? MC Hammer at the Caps game. [Bog]

Alex Len leads Terps to ugly but needed win over Boston College. [TT]

Terps coach Mark Turgeon hangs out with his student fan club. [Bog]

Redskins had a Catfish situation earlier this year. [NFL]

Did James Andrews use stem-cell technology in RGIII’s knee? [HH]

Big CAA game tonight: Mason facing surprising Towson squad. [CSNW]

O’Connell and WCAC rebuff the Deadspin report on Junior Etou. [WaPo]

Kate Upton washes a car in slow motion Super Bowl ad. [USAT]

4 thoughts on “DMV: Caps Lose Home Opener”

  1. GMU beats Towson by ten.

    Miami, led by former coach Jim Larranaga, destroys #1 Duke.

    GMU fans don’t know whether to cheer or punch a wall.

  2. Hockey sucks. If you want to watch a fight watch UFC. If you want to watch men’s figure skating watch the winter Olympics.

    I hope the caps go winless all year.

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