DMV: College Park Court-Storming

Alex Len lays in game-winner to beat No. 14 NC State. [Testudo Times]

Maryland’s first win over a ranked team in three years. [USAT Sports]

A lot of people took issue with Terps fans storming the court. [Bog]

Nine great Michael Morse memories as he departs Washington. [Bog]

Really liked this fellow’s take on the Rafael Soriano deal. [Nats Baseball]

Showalter and Duquette both get extended through 2018. [O’s Insider]

Adam Jones just keeps improving, if you didn’t notice. [Steve Melewski]

Wizards lose by one in Sacramento as Bradly Beal scores 26. [WaPo]

Ovechkin will be a torchbearer for the 2014 Olympics. [Puck Daddy]

Interview with Brooks Laich about his lockout days in Switzerland. [RMNB]

Thoughts on the Eagles’ new head coach, Chip Kelly. [Real Redskins]

Raheem Morris is interviewing to become Cleveland’s DC. [The Insider]

9 thoughts on “DMV: College Park Court-Storming”

  1. I’m cool with the court storming. Let the kids have fun. If the Terps get back to Top 20 like they were for much of the 90s/early 2000s then this stuff wont be an issue

  2. As soon as it started I said, “aw man, don’t storm the effin court guys.”
    Then I saw the smile on Len’s face as students were surrounding him…and I was cool with it.
    Casual Hoya and coach Krysufuckface can keep their opinions to themselves. Please STFU.

  3. I walked down there because I was like “Its the 14th ranked team not 1 or 4”, but once I was there it was pretty fucking cool

  4. Re court storming” Wasnt there a halftime ceremony honoring Gary as well? Id be fired up after something like that too.

  5. “I don’t think anyone’s coming here for anything other than news related to our teams.”

    That’s a minor understatement. Also, mad props for not beating the crap out of local stories.

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