The Nats Got Something For One Year Of Mike Morse’s Beastliness

The other shoe from the Adam LaRoche re-signing finally dropped: Washington traded Mike Morse to Seattle in a three-way deal with Oakland that nets them right-handed starter A.J. Cole in return. Cole, you’ll recall, was one of the four prospects swapped for Gio Gonzalez last winter.

Cole lost some of his luster after an up-and-down year in A ball, but he’s only 21 and was recently rated as Oakland’s third-best prospect. It’s nice to have the bonus baby back.

That said, it’s sad seeing Morse Code go, extraneous though his services had become. He was a lot of fun these past two-plus years, especially in 2011 when the franchise was still in the Dark Ages and he had one of the best seasons in Nats history. Remember him partying.

This deal also presents two interesting dilemmas: 1) Do the Nats continue to play Morse’s at-bat song, A-Ha’s “Take On Me,” or is it 86’d? 2) Does Morse get to keep the Beast Mode moniker, considering Seattle has the original, Marshawn Lynch? I say yes and no, respectively.

The Nats receive two other players in the deal, but I don’t know anything about them, so that’s why they’re stuck way down here.

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3 thoughts on “The Nats Got Something For One Year Of Mike Morse’s Beastliness”

  1. It’s nice to get back a minor league arm with upper 90’s stuff, but I was kind of hoping for something a little more substantial in return. But maybe I’m just overvaluing Morse.

    Oh, and “Take on Me” is fucking staying put. It’s one of the coolest organic fan moments in the DC area since “We Want Dallas” at RFK.

  2. I’m a little offended to see all those Seattle fans griping about receiving Morse. If they are able to retain him for a few years, they have one hell of a player, especially in the American league. Morse helped rejuvenate baseball not only for our franchise, but for the entire Washington DC area. If they want to keep kicking dirt on him, I’ll be happy to take him back in a year…

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