DMV: Bryce Harper’s Hair Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel

Bryce Harper on Kimmel last night; his hair did the talking. [NEnq., Bog]

Boz says Soriano signing means one thing: World Series or bust! [WaPo]

Nats are “only team for whom such a deal would’ve made sense.” [GL]

200 innings looks like magic number for Strasburg in 2013. [USAT]

Scary moment for Caps as Ovi and MoJo collide in practice (video). [RMNB]

A look at the potential happy marriage of Ovi and Adam Oates. [TWT]

A defense of Mike Shanahan’s handling of RGIII’s knee injury. [Deadspin]

Chris Cooley would take RGIII over Russ Wilson or Kaepernick. [Bog]

George Mason bests James Madison in battle of Virginia patriots. [WaPo]

Coach K says that Maryland will be outsiders in the Big Ten. [Bog]

Gary Williams says, “yeah, so what?” to Coach K’s claim. [CSNW]

VT’s Logan Thomas will delay NFL and return for senior season. [WaPo]

Americans drink more water, booze than soda over last decade. [Atlantic]

GIF taken with love from DC Sports Nexus.

One thought on “DMV: Bryce Harper’s Hair Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel”

  1. That Deadspin article is a really really worthless and horrible article, even by Deadspin standards. “Fans have reactions that don’t use logic. I have no logical arguments against what they are arguing, but I will make my illogical argument more in-depth than your average AM radio caller.” BRILLIANT!

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