The Nats Just Reportedly Signed Big-Money Closer Rafael Soriano

According to Yahoo! Sports MLB columnist Jeff Passan:

Source: Rafael Soriano agrees to two-year, $28M deal with Nationals. Deal contains vesting option for third year. Story coming on Y! Sports.

Rafael Soriano’s $14 million option will vest with 120 games finished over the next two seasons.

My initial reaction is that’s quite the response to Drew Storen’s Game 5. I mean, the Nationals just outbid the Yankees for a guy.

Update: According to Adam Kilgore this’ll cost the Nats a first-round pick.

Update: Here’s Passan’s story. “Soriano’s salary is the highest for a closer.”

9 thoughts on “The Nats Just Reportedly Signed Big-Money Closer Rafael Soriano”

  1. Kilgore wrote about this possibility about 2 weeks ago and described it as “strengthening a strength.” Its not secret our bullpen was worn down the final part of the season and playoffs last year. I don’t think there’s any real chance we trade Storen or Clippard (although I heard a crazy Storen/Detwiler/Morse for David Price offer).

  2. Storen/Detwiler/Morse for David Price?!?!? That’s crazy talk!

    Good lord. I’ve not been excited for baseball in a long time (Mariners fan), but I’ll have to swing through Nats Park a couple times this year to see thsi team.

  3. I don’t know if this is a good deal or not (giving up a pick) but it does give Rizzo flexibility to package Morse and a RHP. I’ll be curious to see what the roster looks like once Morse is traded.

    With that said, I have no problem with a 2 year deal to get another big time arm in the pen. Our pen was worn down at the end of the year. Hopefully the starters eat more innings and the stressful end of games gets spread around a little.

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