Adam Jones Is Awesome (PHOTO)

I know that many of you don’t care for the Orioles but I do and this is so cool:

Adam Jones flew from his home in San Diego to Baltimore for Ray Lewis’ final home game, then traveled to Denver to watch the Ravens upset the Broncos in double overtime and now he’s headed to New England for the AFC Championship.

Between this and a general distaste for Boston it’s enough to make me root for the Ravens. In fact, according to Chris, that’s what all Redskins fans should be doing now that Denver’s out. Go Baltimore?

(Note that the photo is Jones’ Twitter profile pic, and that he’s one of the best athlete tweeters around. Follow.)

6 thoughts on “Adam Jones Is Awesome (PHOTO)”

  1. Nope. Never going to happen. 4) Ravens 3) Dallas west 2)New England 1) Hotlanta. I don’t see any other way, unless you have had a weird man crush on Tom Brady since 2001 when you were in middle school while the Redskins have had more QBs than any other team, so much so as you now have a pair of man uggs and the full lululemon men’s line… then 2)Atlanta 1) New England.

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