The Hogettes Are Calling It Quits

Can’t say I’m torn up about this, because I can’t recall the last time I really thought about the Hogettes, but the Redskins superfan group is breaking up, according to’s Jake Russell (via USA TODAY Sports):

Just confirmed with Dave Spigler, “Spiggy Hogette” that the Hogettes are in fact, disbanding after 30 years of supporting the Redskins.

The decision for The Hogettes to disband after 30 years was made by Michael Torbert, aka “Boss Hogette,” who said it was time.

Spigler told me that the Hogettes will still do charity work but not as “The Hogettes.”

It was a good run, a Hall of Fame run by sports fan standards. But the men rooting in dresses and pig snouts make way for a new generation of Redskins diehards, a generation led by the likes of SuperSkin and RG3Woman.

Which is to say things aren’t like they used to be. And one can only hope Chief Zee is the next to hang up his headdress.

Steinz is ON IT.

15 thoughts on “The Hogettes Are Calling It Quits”

  1. As one of those 28-and-older lifelong Skins fans, I hope I speak for many of my generation who are not at all saddened by the breakup.

    It was old 10 years ago, and now just kinda sad looking.

    I hope the new face of Redskins fandom will look more like RG3Woman.

  2. @Donk, I’m not a fan of “Redskins” in general, and Chief Zee’s whole thing seems painfully outdated. It’s just kinda sad.

    @drewtabaga, that’s great news about Backstrom.

  3. Let’s be honest here. It got a little creepy explaning to people from other cities why our most notable fans dress up in mumus.

    It had charm when I was a little kid and they were “The Hogs”. After that, they kind of became your weird uncle you have to reluctantly explain to your friends.

  4. It will probably be too late by the time the Redskins change the name, but if I were them, I’d get Chief Zee and other superfans on board to ease the transition.

  5. Not really sad that they’re leaving, but respect and props are due for both the Hogettes and Chief Zee’s careers as super fans. Sure they lived hamming it up for the cameras, but they’ve used their notoriety and did charity work.

    RG3 girl? A six (out of disguise) at best.

    As for the nickname, Im all for the debate. As of now, all evidence of the name being offensive or non-offensive has been heavily biased in both directions.. When I tell people of the Native Americans I’ve met who are actual Redskins fans, it makes me feel like Im describing a slave in a Confederacy uniform.

  6. Great news. The retirement of these guys is well past due. No disrespect to the actual “Hogs” these guys took what should have been a couple year run entirely too far. They are not the face of the franchise but they became that in the eyes of telecasts and Madden. Imagine if the Funky Four had lasted as long. God help us!

  7. Conspiracy Theory: The Hogettes were asked to retire by Redskins management because they plan on re-naming the team the HOGS. The former Hogettes will then be hired by the team be the face of the name change and run the campaign. Old school super-fans would have an easier time rolling it out than the Redskins PR machine…which botches everything.

  8. If the Hogettes retiring leaves us fans with the Dead Tree Crew or RGIII Girl as the face of the fans, then this sucks. The Hogettes ans Zee are constant reminders of the greatness that was once here. Not some attention whores looking to make a buck with their exploits.

  9. Think it’s pretty funny that so many of you even care. A few old guys want to dress in drag to honor another group that hasn’t been around in a while? What do I care? If anything, I’m appreciative as they supported my team in an entirely unique and creative way.

    Regarding Chief Zee, I kind of wish he had a son that he could pass down his costume to. I remember, as a kid, seeing him on TV and thinking how cool and unique he was. Not another mascot in the NFL like him.

    Disclosure: I support Washington keeping the Redskins name. Saying that, I have one question:

    Assume Washington changed their name to something other than Redskins. Would you have a problem if, for the next 50 years, Chief Zee attended every game, the logo on the helmet remained the same, and the fight song was still the official fight song of the team?

  10. I don’t think anyone would have a problem with the Redskins changing their racist name and Chief Zee being around for another 50 years…

  11. Why do all of you who think the Redskins are a racist organization continue to support them? If you support a racist organization, doesn’t that make you as racist as well? Every time I the “Change the name!” crowd, they bring up the history of the organization and George Preston Marshall. If the team’s history is one of racism and the name is racist, how can you justify supporting them? Maybe the Ravens and their cartoon mascot are more fitting of your sensibilities.

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