DMV: John Wall Will Never Wear Those Awful Reeboks Ever Again

John Wall is switching from Reebok to adidas. It’s about time. [Wiz Insider]

John Wall should return on Saturday. It’s about damn time. [Bullets Forever]

Sounds like Andray Blatche got mixed up in something bad. [Deadspin]

When will RGIII come back? And will he ever be the same? TBD. [WaPo]

This Richard Sherman video reveals Trent Williams is insane. [USAT Sports]

Mayor Gray would like to see the Redskins change their name. [WaPo]

Even WaPo staffers openly criticized this “Redskins” column. [WaPo]

All about the FedEx Field turf which is of course really, really bad. [Bog]

Nicklas Backstrom is seeing a neck specialist. Uh oh. [Caps Insider]

Putin reportedly offered Ovi $30m to stay in Russia. [Capital Games]

Mike Green named sexiest hockey player. He also has a beard. [RMNB]

The Yankees sound like a good Mike Morse trade partner. [NY Times]

Ranking the O’s top-15 prospects, starting with Dylan Bundy. [Fangraphs]

Palmeiro, Sosa, Wells Finley and Conine didn’t make the HOF. [HOF]

Maryland gets wake-up call in the form of a loss to FSU. [Testudo Times]

My alma mater slapped around my hometown team. [JMU Sports Blog]

10 thoughts on “DMV: John Wall Will Never Wear Those Awful Reeboks Ever Again”

  1. I think I heard that adidas was going to be phasing out the Reebok brand, so that’s why Wall has made the switch.

    There needs to be fewer stupid columns about the Redskins name. I think it’ll change within a decade. Hopefully, the new name won’t be awful.

  2. Yeah, I get that, its probably because instead of being high he’s now high strung. Any conversation that begins with the statement you’ve been running your mouth the entire game with the response being a challenge will most likely end poorly at any level of sport with tensions running high. I feel we all learned a valuable lesson, you don’t fuck with a Silverback.

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