It’s An ACL And An LCL For RGIII, According To Mort’s Report

Well, shit. The verdict is in, according to Chris Mortensen*:

Robert Griffin III will undergo total reconstructive surgery of his right knee early Wednesday morning to repair torn anterior cruciate and lateral collateral ligaments, but he is expected to be ready for the opener of the 2013 NFL regular season, according to team sources familiar with the determination made by orthopedic specialist Dr. James Andrews.

“Total reconstructive surgery of his right knee.” That’s tough stuff, though the timeline is nice, albeit optimistic. Not everyone is Adrian Peterson.

But thank God for Adrian Peterson. He gives RGIII — and us — a model to follow, an all-world player who blew out his knee and came back stronger than ever, without missing the season opener. There’s hope in that.

And there’s anger here, right here in my heart, towards Mike Shanahan. It’s not his fault (this is football after all), but he shoulders some blame. He left an injured player in too long, only to see him get hurt even worse. Not just any player, either.

I feel terrible for RGIII too. For as much sorrow as you or I might have about our once-in-a-lifetime quarterback going down, we don’t have to face “six to eight months” of grueling rehabilitation and crippling self-doubt. We couldn’t do it, even if we had to.

RGIII can, though, and he can come back stronger. As Burgundy Blog tweeted, “It’s a bad situation, but he’s a bad man.”

Go catch your dream, kid, again.

Update: The surgery is over, and here’s the statement from Dr. Andrews:

Robert Griffin III had successful knee surgery early this morning. He had a direct repair of his LCL and a re-do of his previous ACL reconstruction. We expect a full recovery and it is everybody’s hope and belief that due to Robert’s high motivation, he will be ready for the 2013 season.

The goal of his treatment is to give him the best opportunity for a long professional career.

24 thoughts on “It’s An ACL And An LCL For RGIII, According To Mort’s Report”

  1. RG3 is my most favorite of players since Riggins. That said, I sadly feel Peterson was a freak, not the rule. Also this is RG3’s second ACL tear on the same knee in 3 seasons. Unfortunately RG3 will be a good quarterback after this, but not great (performance wise). He may never even regain his starting position if Cousins has as many wins next season. It kills me to say this but I have to face it. RG3 is most likely done with the NFL in sooner than later. He will be prone to injury and discarded like so many other fresh greats whom were injured badly early in their careers.

  2. This is a set-back, not the end of a career. Let’s all get a grip.

    6-8 months seems ridiculously optimistic, though. From what I’ve read, the total extent of the ACL damage still isn’t known yet. But it will take longer to recover from since it was torn in the past…

    Let’s all take a deep breath.

  3. I hope things do work out, but there hasn’t been one player with two tears in the same ACL to last more than 5 years in the NFL after the last tear, not one.

  4. RGIII was drafted because he, also, is a “freak.” I think if any one’s body can do it, and AP shows it can, than Robert’s can, too. I expect greatness again in time.

    He was also added because his character is freakishly great as well. The knee gave way where the character, we should all know by now, will not. I expect he will continue to lead this team and show us how truly great he is.

  5. Frankly, I don’t want this kid going the bionic AD route.

    If RGIII has to take an extra month or two to be perfect, I’m okay with the skins acting like an overprotective soccer mom.

  6. Sit him out all year if he needs it to be 100%….lack of patience and perspective put him a(and the team) in this position already.

  7. Perhaps I’m being naive, or blinded by home-team optimism, but…RG3 is 22 years old, in great physical shape, and going to receive world-class care and rehab. He tore up his knee before, and still showed world-class athleticism after that. I know this is the second time in the same knee, but is it really crazy to think that if he takes his time with this and does what the docs say he’ll be just fine?

  8. I’m sorry, I find it difficult to blame the Shanny on this. Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but in my opinion where they erred most egregiously was not coaching him well enough to keep him safe. That injury he sustained vs the Ravens happened because RGIII ran back to the middle of the field instead of the sideline. At that point, the damage was done. He’d have needed surgery this offseason anyway. Not to this degree, but still.
    The point is, as a skins fan, we all feared this would happen and it was only a matter of time. I had no idea it would happen so quickly.

  9. I agree with Kettle and SeePee. I mean saying AP is a freak of nature doesn’t change the fact that Bob is also a freak of nature. He’s also only 22 and will work harder than anyone in rehab. I think he’ll be back no later than October

  10. I know hindsight is 20/20, but cousins winning that game in Baltimore was the worst thing for RG3. If he had lost that game, then we would have lost the season, and put RG3 in Strasburg land.

    That being said, I think it shows that RG3’s mind is stronger than his body. Instead of pulling himself out, he wanted to win. We won the NFC East, but it totally wasn’t worth it. I remember thinking that I’d rather have lost the baltimore game in a blowout and have RG3 Healthy (double for the seahawks game)

    I think that mindset will help him in recovery. When you get this kind of injury, you need to have a strong mind. You go from squatting 250, to pulling elastic bands against your legs just to extend them.

    RG3 is a smart guy, and his life beyond football will be fine. But I would like to see this guy taking snaps for the rest of my 30’s

  11. Hindsight is 20/20, no doubt, but this injury was written all over the wall before it happened.

    It’s BS to say, “Welp, he’s a competitor. He earned the right to stay in and try to win the game.” Rather, Cousins earned his chance to replace a crippled and ineffective QB v. Seattle by beating Baltimore and then Cleveland. It’s not like John Beck was waiting in the wings.

    I’m baffled the anyone is cutting Shanahan slack on this one. He’s human, makes mistakes and I’m sure feels awful about the decision…but GD, this is was an awful, awful decision. There is simply no excuse for it.

    This all regardless of how RG responds to the surgery.

  12. Honestly my dad was saying from the 2nd quarter on to put Cousins in, and I said to leave him in. Basically I would have done the same thing, which as mentioned in hindsight was the wrong decision, but I thought being that the gameplan was installed for Griff it would have been tougher for Cousins to come in than say the Ravens game where he had 3 passes (one was an incomplete pass that resulted in a questionable pi call) and the Browns game where the gameplan was designed around him.

  13. Shameless, I get your point on that one. And fair point about Cousin’s previous performance. He very well my have gotten picked off three times had he come in. I just felt like all planning was moot at that point in the game anyway.

  14. 10-6 again & Wild card berth next year. RGIII starts all 16 games, has better year than this year. Yeah, I said it.

  15. We havent seen this many Redskins upset over a wounded knee in a long time.

    That joke has convinced me it’s really time for a name change for our beloved franchise.

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