Remember When Mark Moseley Won MVP? Yeah, That Was Weird

My father in-law and his wife were kind enough to give me a Sunday subscription to the NY Times for Christmas, which is an awesome gift, but it’s also really stressful. Because, with a job and a family and a blog to manage, I’m so far failing to read all the news that’s fit to print, you see.

One story I did read in this week’s edition, though, has to do with Mark Moseley and the curious case of him winning the 1982 NFL MVP. The article is a delight, and any Redskins fan will love it. These are my favorite bits:

— Washington drafted a kicker that year to replace Moseley, who was a straight-on kicker, which was going out of style. The rookie, a guy named Dan Miller, fizzled out in the preseason.

— Moseley had an awesome regular season, obviously, setting a record for consecutive FG made (23) and making several dramatic kicks and all but one attempt in the strike-shortened year.

— Moseley beat out Dan Fouts for the award by two votes. Dan Fouts!

— Moseley had an awful postseason, missing four of eight attempts. The Redskins still won the Super Bowl, though.

It’s a good story, and one I’ve always wondered about. It has a happy ending, too: Moseley is the head of franchising for Five Guys.

(You may recall Grantland wrote a similar story in July, because they did.)

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