DMV: The Bradley Beal ‘Dagger!’

Wiz beat OKC on a Brad Beal buzzer-beater. Kid looks good. [USAT Sports]

Everything you want to know about Beal’s game-winner. [Bullets Forever]

The Skins have a bunch of key free agents this offseason. [The Insider]

The Skins may have been piping in crowd noise vs. Seattle. [Deadspin]

Rob Parker discusses “cornball brother” thing, keeps digging. [Deadspin]

Clarity on Shanahan and Dr. Andrews’ miscommunication. [The Insider]

In which Mike Shanahan gets compared to a slave owner. Fun! [Bog]

Comparing the Skins’ Wild-Card loss to the Nats’ Game 5 loss. [Nats Blog]

Comparing RGIII’s knee to John Wall’s knee, of course. [Bullets Forever]

Primer for what to expect in the 2013 NHL/Caps season. [Japers’ Rink]

Caps open with 22/1 odds of winning the Stanley Cup. [Puck Daddy]

Stefon Diggs makes the Freshman All-America Team. [Testudo Times]

Maryland isn’t ranked in the top 25 and that’s OK. [Tracking the Terps]

JMU lost to Hampton, one of the worst teams in the country. [JMUSB]

The Sports Junkies are getting a weekly local TV program. [Bog]

11 thoughts on “DMV: The Bradley Beal ‘Dagger!’”

  1. I was at the game, and can definitely confirm they were piping in noise. I specifically noticed it after RGIII went down in the 4th Quarter and the crowd was silent.

    BTW – That Beal for Harden non-trade is starting to look a little better.

  2. They have always piped in noise. I lucked into season tickets in ’07 near lower bowl speakers, and you could hear the piped in noise EVERY GAME.

  3. I used to have season tickets in the mid 2000’s, and felt like there was some artifical noise going on then as well(lower bowl, by end zone).

    I haven’t been to a Skins game in 3 years, and it just felt really pronounced this time around.

  4. “In which Mike Shanahan gets compared to a slave owner. Fun!”

    The best part of that nonsense is when you click on the link, read to the bottom, and see that the previous entry is Rob Parker and his cornball brother comment.

    Those gents need to get on the same page.

  5. Question on the piped in noise — Is it that they keep playing music or something after a certain time on the play clock, or they are actually playing simulated crowd noise over the speakers?

  6. Simulated crowd noise that kicks in with about 20 or so seconds left on the play clock.

    It was really apparent on Sunday when there were crickets after RGIII collapsed into a heap of humanity.

  7. Ketel on Rocks, are you saying that there was simulated crowd noise that was still playing after RG3 collapsed, or are you saying people weren’t cheering as loud from that point?

    It would make no sense for the team to be playing simulated crowd noise when the Redskins are on offense. So, if you thought it was simulated crowd noise then, maybe we were just that loud…

  8. People weren’t really cheering after RGIII’s collapse/fumble in the 4th quarter — that’s when it was really noticeable. The Seahawks were on offense after they recovered the ball.

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