Nats Get LaRoche For Two Years

Washington is signing Adam LaRoche to a two-year deal, and not the three-year deal he was seeking. It’s a good scenario for Nats fans, although not so much for Mike Morse.

The dollars are unknown ($25 million?), but we know ALR, health willing, is holding down 1B for the Nats until 2015.

As for Morse, he has one year and $6.75 million left on his contract, and the expectation is he’ll be traded. He doesn’t seem happy about it, which is a shame, because I like Morse.

But this is probably what’s best for the Nats, so long as they can still cheese up the stadium experience with “Take On Me.”

7 thoughts on “Nats Get LaRoche For Two Years”

  1. I’m real glad they held their ground and he agreed to a two-year deal. I’m just skeptical of a 33-yr old dude who has a career year in a contract year.

  2. This is the first step in the ideal scenario. The second step is getting a good return for Morse, preferably in the form of a young pitching prospect or two. (I’d prefer that to a win-now relief pitcher who can be had in FA.)

    I’m not so worried about LaRoche getting hurt, because I’m high on Tyler Moore as a replacement.

  3. Great signing for 2 years. While ALR had a career year, it’s not like it was a huge spike over the past few years. I’ll take .260/25/85 and gold glove defense and be very happy.

  4. Lets be real…Olesky Pecherov was the first true BEAST Mode.

    Real sorry to see the potential departure of Morse. He seemed to really love being a National. Just goes to show how far this team has come…the fact that there really isnt a strong need for a player like Morse, as talented as he is/can be.

    After this RG3 mess, cannot wait for opening day.

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