RGIII’s Knee Injury: It’s Still TBD

Mike Shanahan broke the news at his 3 p.m. press conference that the MRI was inconclusive, and RGIII is flying to Birmingham Tuesday for further tests with Dr. James Andrews. Doesn’t sound good, but could be worse. Discuss.

Update: 8News in Richmond reports RGIII “has torn his ACL and PCL, and will not be able to play for a minimum of 14-18 months.” Consider the source.

Update No. 2: 8News changed its story, removing any news of a tear(s).

Update No. 3: The MRI showed partial ACL and LCL tears, but it was unclear if those were new or old injuries, according to The Insider’s sources.

(Image taken with love from USA TODAY Sports.)

23 thoughts on “RGIII’s Knee Injury: It’s Still TBD”

  1. Seems like if it *wasnt* something serious, then the further evaluation and second MRI wouldn’t be necessary.

  2. This is starting to smell fishy.

    Shanny: “Robert, OUR MRI says you may not have a knee any more so let’s fly you down to the Doc, even though he was here yesterday, and see if his computer says something different. In the meantime, we’ll charge up the PR machine to make sure we can all leave here with our heads when the general public finds out how bad this really is.”
    RGIII: “OK, coach. Whatever you say. Hey, did you really send Davis into the Super Bowl when he couldn’t see?”
    Shanny: “We won that one, Robert. Wanna try on the ring?”

  3. Like many things Skins-related, that photo needs to be destroyed and never to be seen again. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go heave.

  4. Sounds as bad as we feared if not worse. Shanny has a history of ducking bad news in a press conference and this one is his last for awhile. All we can hope is that he eventually recovers and can still have a good career for his sake more than ours.

  5. Shanny is sending him to Andrews for a second opinion, because he doesn’t like the first prognosis of “Yup… you really screwed this kid’s knee up. Next time just use a bat, it would be less bad”.

  6. “Doesn’t sound good, but could be worse. Discuss.”

    Just curious, but how could it be worse? I mean, yes, “worse” is total knee destruction, but this second opinion stuff is only marginally better as I bet it’s just a matter of time before they decide to operate.

    To paraphrase Dick Vermeil it sounds like we need to rally around Kirk Cousins in 2013.

  7. I’m sure you saw the rumors earlier about a torn PCL and ACL. Sadly, as a Skins fan, I’m conditioned to think the worst until proven otherwise.

  8. “Seems like if it *wasnt* something serious, then the further evaluation and second MRI wouldn’t be necessary.”

    If the MRI came back clean, so to speak, I could see further evaluation still needed as a precautionary measure, but I have a really hard time seeing the Redskins sitting on good news…

    It seems so much more likely that they are holding on to a prayer at this point, or that the inside of his knee is just chaos.

  9. Well if they didn’t believe what they saw from quarters 2 through 4 last night enough to take him out, why would they believe the first MRI? I am embarrassed to have been a fan of this team the past ten years. Horrible organization that destroys itself at every turn.

  10. The kid is 22 years old, knee surgeries are light years from where they were a decade ago, everyone running there mouth about how bad it is has changed there story, if he misses next year he will be back the following year at the rip old age of 24, Shanahan is not a doctor and should not shoulder the blame, the sky is not falling, he was wearing a brace when the second injury happened ( which should mean not as serious or braces are worthless and made the issue worse), MRI’s are not easy to read at all and the knee was injured in the past ( ie. if a shoulder that has had a rotator cuff operation is re injured, a normal MRI will not be enough to pick up any type of new injury because of the old operation), RGIII and Shanahan and the entire organization will learn from this, this won’t be the last time RGIII risks life and limb to try and lead this team back to the Super Bowl.

    Sorry for the run-on…

    Oh and 1 more thing, Shanny is a coach with no medical training, no athletic training background and his 1 and only job as head coach of the Washington Redskins is to win. Its the job of the paid medical staff to protect these players, and no one else’s.

  11. As a head coach, Mike Shanahan should know when RG3 was actually hurting the team by him being there. He couldn’t put any zip on his passes at all. At least last week he could throw from the pocket. After the cheapshot by the Seakhawks in the redzone, RG3 was never the same.

  12. Didn’t Shanahan pee blood after a game once or something? That tells you all you need to know about when he thinks someone is injured. RG3 walked the sidelines after his injury and stood up for his press conference as well. That suggests the knee injury was less than catastrophic though it may still be in the pretty bad category.

  13. Shanahan’s kidney was split in half from a tackle during his last college football practice. His heart stopped beating for over 30 seconds. For a few hours they thought he was going to die, and a priest even read him last rites. So he may have a different concept of being hurt v. injured than we do…

    Also, I haven’t seen anyone compare RG3 to Cutler’s knee injury during the playoffs. Cutler was blasted for coming out, especially since he was walking around on the sidelines after it (like RG3). RG3 probably would have been criticized too. Shanahan is getting crushed for leaving him in, and would have been for taking him out if they’d lost. The end justifies the means, I suppose. I would, however, have liked to see what Cousins could do with the second half. I guess we’ll have a good look next year.

  14. I’m pretty amazed at the contrast between today’s, and yesterday’s, columns in the Wash Post by Jason Reid. Yesterday, he was pretty upbeat, downplayed RGIII’s injury and Shanny’s Decision. Skins had a great year, RGIII could now rest, etc.

    Today it’s almost as if he’s realized RGIII got hurt Sunday and the sky is falling.

  15. @Longdistance, Michael Silver at Yahoo Sports made the comparison in his article yesterday. I saw it somewhere else too but you’re right that it hasn’t been made a lot.

  16. Here’s the thing…….I’ve posted on an online message board so there is no revisionist history. As I was seeing the game it became evident that RG3 was hindering the team, not helping the team. Before halftime I said online that halftime couldn’t come in soon enough and to put Cousins in there.

    For the last time, there was a difference between how RG3 played in Dallas when he can throw the ball in the pocket and in Seattle after the Seahawks reagravated the injury, he wasn’t able to throw the ball. He made many errant throws, was completely immobile even inside the pocket at times and made an uncharacteristic interception that he normally would have thrown near the sidelines and made for a touchdown if he was healthy.

    I was talking about this with a co-worker today and he pointed out that maybe RG3 was selfish. Shanahan pointed out that he wanted RG3 to finish the game because he was the one who put the team in this position. Now I put most of the blame on the coach because ultimately it’s his decision if a player plays or not, no matter how much RG3 wants to beg and moan. RG3 has a spirit of a warrior.

    But maybe deep down inside, he was afraid of Kirk Cousins leading the Skins’ team again to another win. He did it before against the Ravens and against the Browns. Cousins proved he is a good quarterback and maybe RG3 was afraid Cousins would Tom Brady his way into the playoffs. I don’t know just a thought…

    Though the likely scenario is that both Shanahans didn’t prepare a gameplan for Kirk which was why RG3 was left out there for so long. SO much so that Rex was listed as inactive for that last playoff game.

  17. For the last time, there was a difference between how RG3 played in Dallas when he can throw the ball in the pocket and in Seattle after the Seahawks reagravated the injury, he wasn’t able to throw the ball.

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